Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Portugal - Azores 01

Marcia sent me this beautiful postcard from Azores, Portugal. The postcard shows the Mt. Pico. Marcia was so meticolous to use an Azores stamp as postage on the postcard! Date: 3 November, 2008.


M. A. Leal said...

Hello Yen:
I am glad you liked it! The bird in the stamp is called Priôlo and it's endemic to the Azores. It dosen't exist anywhere else in the world and it can only be found in Nordeste region in S. Miguel island.
I thought you might like to know this ;)

Ian The Simple said...

Hello Marcia,

Many thanks for the postcard indeed, and also the gorgeous stamp on the postcard. I have sent you a postcard..... it should reach you soon. By the way, thanks for the info of the stamp.

best wishes,