Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Czech Republic 01

A postcard showing the city view of Praha, Czech Republic. This wonderful postcard was sent to me by Albert during his Europe tour. Date: 7 October 1997.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Chile 01

Wow! A postcard from Chile.............. Viviana sent this wonderful postcard to me from Santiago, Chile. The postcard depicts llamas in Surire salt lake. Date: 2 July 1997.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Maldives 01

Jeffrey was on his holiday to Maldives, an island paradise. He enjoyed very scuba diving. It was a very nice thought of him sending me a postcard from Maldives! Date: 10 June 2002.

Switzerland 01

My Germen friend Wilhelm went to Ascona, Switzerland for a conference. He sent me a postcard from Switzerland. What a beautiful view of Ascona as showing in the postcard. Date: 18 January 1998.

Monaco 01

Albert was on his Europe trip..... He stopped at Monoca and sent me this wonderful postcard. Date: 29 September 1997.

South Africa 01

It is absolutely a stunning postcard showing the aerial view of "Dolphin Coast" holiday village some 40km north of Durban, South Africa. I received this postcard from Igmar. Date: 23 July 2000.

Bulgaria 01

Hristo sent me a postcard from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The postcard portraying the antique theater in Plovdiv. Date: 31 May 2000.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Panama Canal Zone 01

A postcard sent by Natalia from Panama Canal Zone. Panama Canal Zone was 1432 square kilometer territory inside Panama, consisting the Panama Canal and an area of 8 km of each side of the canal. The zone was created in 18 November, 1903 under the Hay-Bunau Varilla Treaty. Anyway, portraying in the postcard is the Thatcher Ferry Bridge over the Pacific Ocean entrance to the Panama Canal. The stamp used in the postcard is a USA stamp marked with Air Force Postal Service. Date: 26 June 1997.

Egypt 01

A MAS cabin crew Stephen was on his flight duty to Egypt. He sent me a postcard from Luxor. The postcard portrays the Temple of Ramsis II. Date: 5 February 2003.

Guatemala 01

Maria working in the United Nations Vienna went back to home country Guatemala for holiday. She sent me a postcard from Guatemala. Date: 1997.

Canada 01

This postcard was sent from Canada to the UK (I was in the UK) by Kong on his sightseeing trip to Niagara Falls. What a spectacular view! Date: 29 July 1996.

Germany 01

A Hong Kong friend William went to Munich, Germany in winter time. He told me that the temperature in the evening was -20°C. The postcard is the view of Munich in snowy winter. Date: 2 Jan 1997.

Italy 01

My Thai friend Pisut went to Italy for holiday, and he sent me (I was in the UK) this beautiful postcard from Rome, Italy. The postcard portrays the Colosseum. Date: 19 June 1997.