Monday, July 19, 2010

Malaysia 21

Yi Yi went to Sabah to conquer Mt. Kinabalu (4095 m), the highest mountain in Southeast Asia. She was totally thrilled to acheive her dream to set her feet on the highest point of this beautiful mountain. Of course, it was very good thought of her sending a postcard from Laban Rata (3290 m). The park keeper stamped the postcard with a special rubber stamp of Laban Rata, and the postcard was brought down from Laban Rata to be posted at the nearest post office (Ranau). Anyway, she spent 7 hours 12 minutes to reach Laban Rata from the Sabah Park Headquater on July 9, 2010. She spent a night at the Laban Rata Resthouse before continuing her journey to the top of the mountain very early morning the next day. Well done! Date: July 13, 2010.

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