Friday, February 1, 2008

Croatia 02

Zelkjo sent me this nice postcard from Sisak, Croatia on 15 January 2008. The postcard shows the fortress in Sisak. Sisak is located in the centre of Croatia by the river Kupa...... I'm not sure if the river appears in the foreground of the postcard is the river Kupa.

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Zeljko said...

Yes, it is river Kupa on this card.
In fact, Sisak lies on 3 rivers. River Sava is less than 100 maters behind fortress shown on card. Kupa flows in Sava and fortess was made on its mouth. Today, mouth of Kupa is some 500 meters further that it was 400 years ago.
Third river is Odra, it flows in Kupa appr 1 km before. Odra is locally important because of endemical catfish living in it, which is rare case in Danube's tributary.