Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Italy 02

Before I went to bed last night, I flipped through my sizeable postcard collection (hundreds of them; I started in the middle of 1990s)........ I noted this postcard sent to me from Rome, Italy by Leonardo on 3 October, 1996........ Time was suddenly frozen in 1996......... Yes, this postcard brings back my fading memory. The address on the postcard is of England....... Yes, I was in Reading, England (1995-1998) to pursue my postgraduate study. I met Leonardo at the Reading University in 1996 as he came to the university for his one-year European university exchange programme. He and I were crazy about photography, and we joined the Photography Society of the Students' Union. We learnt techniques to take good pictures, we learnt how to develop black-and-white photos...... It was real fun.

Leonardo went back home town to Rome for short visit during the exchange programme. His British ex-girlfriend Jazz (Leonardo met Jazz in the Reading University as well) went to visit him in Rome. Leonardo decided to send me a postcard from Rome, and he asked Jazz to put some message on the postcard. The message writen by Leonardo and Jazz on the postcard is so lovely....... A few years later, nevertheless, Leonardo got married to his beautiful wife Laura (a nice girl he met in Italy)..... and I attended their wedding in Sansepolcro, Italy. I flew all the way from Malaysia (I had since back to Malaysia from England after completion of my study) to Italy for his big day....... I met Leonardo's and Laura's parents.... they are very nice people, and it was my first time to meet Laura. She is so pretty. It was an amazing wedding ceremory, and I was the only oriental in his wedding...................

I really like the hand writing of Leonardo and Jazz...... so cute.

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